Learn from the best in Rhythmic Gymnastics!
Mobile app of the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics federation
The one-year challenge is open to you!
Take part in the master classes of rhythmic gymnastics champions.
The one-year challenge is open to you!
The "Challenge Yourself" project is a mobile application that promotes physical activity and gymnastics training, created by the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation and funded by the European Union.
The app provides a platform for users to learn from former rhythmic gymnastics champions and most importantly, become part of a year-long exercise and lifestyle challenge.
The one-year challenge is open to you!
The project envisages a series of master classes held in various European countries, and at the end of its implementation, the participants will be able to present the acquired skills in a final competition.
Challenge Yoursels App
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The one-year challenge is open to you!
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Created by:
  • Bulgarian Rhythmmic Gymnastics Federation
  • Funded by the European Union
Funded by the European Union.
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